The BEST Vegan Food in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan food is delicious and always served in the largest of quantities. We have enjoyed most of our meals in the comfort of our homestay while traveling around this wonderful country. However, we did get out more in Kandy to experience what the city had to offer. Here are our top recommendations for the BEST Vegan Food in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Kandy, Sri Lanka

Located in central Sri Lanka, Kandy is a hot spot on the tourist trail for its famous Temple of the Tooth and stunning train ride to Ella. Kandy is the second-largest city in Sri Lanka and surprisingly isn’t very large. However, what Kandy lacks in size it makes up for in busyness and noise, that’s for sure. The large white buddha can be seen from many angles in town and the lake attracts all kinds of birds to the area.

At first, we hated Kandy but we gave it another shot and learned that it has much more to offer than we originally thought, including some delicious vegan food. While in Kandy, we ate our way through the city and have plenty of vegan recommendations for you.

Vegan Guide to Kandy: Fresh juices at a Vegan Restaurant in Kandy.

7 Best Vegan Places to Eat in Kandy, Sri Lanka

This list doesn’t have a specific order because there are recommendations for all types of meals, breakfast, dinner, Sri Lankan, and western. Vegan meals in Kandy are pretty easy to find because of the unique collection of restaurants and a high number of vegetarian Indian places. It was easier to find vegan options in Kandy than even in the capital, Colombo.

All of these locations are found in the main city center of Kandy. They are all walkable distances from Kandy Lake or any accommodation near the center. The city center is packed with tasty eats, interesting shops, and PEOPLE! Squeeze through and make your way to one of these restaurants serving up vegan food in Kandy!

1. Cafe Secret Alley

Why Go? Cute Interior and Delicious Smoothie Bowls

Although this cute little shop is not really a secret, we love the vibe of this place and its tasty foods! They serve vegan and nonvegan dishes including iced lattes, smoothie bowls, chia pudding, and avocado toast.

Cafe Secret Alley is a great stop for breakfast before heading out to see the Temple of the Tooth or the Big Buddha in Kandy. We stopped here twice because we loved the freshness of the smoothie bowls and it was oddly rare in the city of Kandy!

Vegan Options at Cafe Secret Alley in Kandy Center

2. Nagalingams Bhajan

Why Go? Large Portions + Cheap Prices

Pure Vegetarian Indian food that is mostly vegan!

We ordered the thali for 1 and it was actually plenty for the two of us, but there is a double serving too. Some of the dishes include dairy but the lady and her son who run it are super helpful and kind. We loved our meal here so much and wish we would have made it back a second time!

Eating Vegan in Kandy: Thali with vegan options

3. Basaji Dosai

Why Go? Budget-Friendly Indian Food

A chain restaurant in Sri Lanka with two locations in Kandy! The food can be SPICY but that’s Indian food for you!

If the spicy food is too much, make sure to order a lime or mango juice to help cool you down. They make them fresh right in the restaurant.

Vegan Dosa in Kandy

4. Vegan Tranquil Rose – 100% Vegan Option in Kandy

Why Go? Wide Variety of 100% Vegan Options

It’s super cute inside and has a menu with a wide variety!

We split the cashew rice bowl and had two of the juices that we so fresh and tasty. The place was empty when we went so we hope they get more business soon! It was definitely worth the stop.

100% Vegan Restaurant in Kandy: Eating Vegan Cashew Bowl

5. Soya Centre

Why Go? Vegan Ice Cream

This shop is connected to the YMCA. It seems like a popular place for children to stop and grab an ice cream cone so we joined in. We both had ice cream and the chocolate/vanilla was great, the pink flavor tasted odd to us.

They did have some fried foods but there was not a menu. If you stop and try something, let us know how it was!

Dessert as a Vegan in Kandy: Soya Centre Ice Cream

6. Soul Food

Why Go? Fresh Dishes with a Twist

This small restaurant outside the mall has healthy and delicious meals. We had a noodle dish with eggplant recommended by the waiter and enjoyed it. Try to stop by when you aren’t in a hurry because we did have to wait a while for our food. We loved the interior and decorations inside the restaurant too!

Soul Food Vegan Options on Menu

7. Cafe Hideaway

Why Go? Unique Cafe

We didn’t get to eat here but we did stumble in, looking for another place nearby. The location is pretty hidden, down a small alley and up some stairs. The interior looked super cute and the menu has vegan options which is always a plus!

Heading to Kandy?

Top Recommendation for Kandy:

Get out of the city! Take a day trip to hike Knuckles Range or spend a few nights in the gorgeous jungle at Polwaththa Eco Lodge. There’s so much nature surrounding the city, don’t miss it getting caught up in the hustle of the center.

Looking for more?

Looking for more information on visiting Kandy, Sri Lanka? We have a post coming soon about what you MUST KNOW before visiting Kandy, Sri Lanka. Come back soon to find out what you should know before heading there + all of our recommendations for spending time in the city!

View of Kandy, Sri Lanka

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