Where to Eat Vegan in Zadar, Croatia

For such a small area,Zadar has a surprising amount of delicious vegan options. A beautiful city on the northern Dalmatia coast of Croatia, Zadar is worth the trip. It is home to Roman ruins, Venetian influence, and some very unique art installations. And on top of the sights, there’s plenty for a vegan to eat in Zadar, Croatia for a few days.

In Zadar, you will have plenty of places to eat at, even while traveling with your non-vegan friends and family!

Pictured: Vegan in Zadar, view of old town church

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    Where to Eat Vegan for 2 Days in Zadar

    Zadar is often a short stop in a longer Croatian itinerary. If you are planning to spend 2 days here, this is a 2-day guide to eating vegan in Zadar’s old town. However, we list more options in the next section if you are looking to spend more time or for other recommendations!

    Day 1

    Pictured: Vegan coffee in Zadar

    Breakfast: Art Kavana

    Start your day with a delicious coffee from Art Kavana. Sit inside for an adorable cafe vibe, or sit outside near the Park of Vladimir Nazor.

    After coffee, explore the Austrian-Hungarian Fort turned peaceful park and take in the views of the Venetian Land Gate on the northwestern side.

    Lunch: Hedonist Dining & Hangout

    After exploring part of the Old Town and visiting some of the many churches of Zadar, stop by the Hedonist Dining and Hangout for lunch. They have a few vegan options including vegan “chicken nuggets” with a sweet chili sauce on top.

    Dinner: Restaurant Bruschetta

    After coming from the Istrian region, we found that most restaurants catering towards Croatian cuisine don’t normally cater to vegans (or you have to work something out with the cook).

    However, Restaurant Bruschetta offers vegan pasta right on their menu, no changes are needed. And it is DELICIOUS!

    Pictured: Vegan in Zadar, Vegan Pljukanci

    The vegan pljukanci pasta comes in a tomato-based sauce and includes pieces of soy-based meat.

    We love pljukanci, after first trying it in our Croatian Cooking Class!

    After dinner, take a walk along the coast to hear the music of the sea at the Sea Organ and watch the lights dance over the Greeting to the Sun.

    Day 2

    Breakfast: Coffee and Cakes Cafe

    Starting day 2, we love a good coffee. At Coffee and Cakes Cafe, you can order a cappuccino with plant-based milk and you have a few options for breakfast.

    This cafe offers avocado toast, an acai bowl, and sometimes will have a vegan cake option depending on the day.

    After breakfast, walk around Old Town and admire the many churches around the city.

    Lunch: Švabos Burger & Soul Food

    Pictured: Vegan Bean loaded fries in Zadar

    This place was a unique find in Zadar. We did not expect to find something like this but were happy we did. Švabos Burger & Soul Food offers huge portions of tasty food.

    We ordered the vegan bean-loaded fries, but there are also two vegan burger options.

    This place was good for lunch, but might also be a good stop after getting some drinks at the bar!

    Dinner: Tinel

    Located right in People’s Square, this place is easy to find. Tinel has an entire menu titled “Tinel Green” with vegan and vegetarian options. This menu includes a vegetable terrine with tofu and a mushroom stew with baked polenta.

    After dinner, order some drinks and enjoy the business of People’s Square as people make their way around the Old Town’s popular square

    Mimi Gelato

    If it’s warm enough, grab some gelato from Mimi Gelato for dessert. Mimi’s offers a few vegan options and has great reviews.

    After grabbing your gelato, walk through the Roman Forum while enjoying your sweet treat.

    Have some extra time in Zadar?

    Pictured: Travel to Ugljan as a vegan in zadar with sandwiches from Bio and Bio

    Taking a day trip to the nearby island of Ugljan is highly recommended. The island is beautiful!

    But before you go grab some pre-made sandwiches and snacks from Bio & Bio because there won’t be many options once you’re on the island.

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    Other Restaurants with Vegan Options in Zadar

    Pictured: Vegan meal in Zadar
    Hedonist Hangout Vegan Nuggets

    Submarine Burger

    If you read our vegan guide to Zagreb, you’ll know about this place already.

    When we arrived, this restaurant was right by our Airbnb apartment and we were excited about it. They have DELICIOUS vegan burgers and sliders. The fries go great with the truffle sauce too and they strive to get all their ingredients as local as possible.

    We know this isn’t “Croatian” style food like other recommendations but you won’t be disappointed here!


    This restaurant has a vegetarian section on their menu, however, nothing is labeled specifically as vegan. The lasagna and vegetable plate include cheese but the risotto does not. Double-check with the helpful staff before ordering if you are worried about the ingredients in the dish.

    Tri Bunara

    Highly recommended by many and an accommodating pizzeria. Order a tasty pizza (minus the cheese). Although this restaurant doesn’t have a vegan-specific option, you can order a veggie pizza and ask for it without the cheese to make it vegan.

    Konoba Bonaca

    A traditional Croatian Konoba, or “tavern”, that offers local cuisine including risotto and a penne pasta dish. There are also grilled vegetables you can order for the side. Some of the staff are knowledgeable about vegan food and can verify if a dish is vegan or not!

    Konoba Dalmacija

    At this konoba, there is a vegetarian section on the menu that includes a “vegan plate” and other options. The vegan plate comes with grilled vegetables and polenta and there is also a vegetable risotto.

    Proto Food & More

    Recommended by many tourist guides for Zadar, this restaurant offers 3 vegetarian options and one is vegan. Check with the staff and let them know about your needs!

    Pet Bunara

    A great restaurant but reservations are a must during the busy season! Although there isn’t a specific vegan option on the menu, the staff is helpful and can make accommodations for you!

    Vegan Groceries in Zadar

    If you are staying in Zadar for longer than a couple of days, or just prefer to cook some of your own meals, here is where to shop:

    Pictured: Vegan in Zadar at the market

    For fresh vegetables and local products like olives, make sure to shop at Zadar’s Market close to the pedestrian bridge entrance to the old town.

    For health foods and vegan-specific products, it is best to check out Bio & Bio or DM. Although DM is a drug store, they do have a health food section!

    If you need anything else, head to Konzum or Studenac. Both of these stores in the old town are small and limited in items. However, they will have enough to support you during a short stay in Zadar’s Old Town

    Things to Do in Zadar

    We spent a few days in Zadar and although we aren’t experts, if you’re reading this then you are probably planning a trip too. Here are some of our top things to do while in this area:

    1. Listen to the Sea Organ and watch the lights dance across the Greeting to the Sun
    2. Take a free walking tour to learn some of the old town’s history
    3. Try something local! If you can’t tell, we love food. Whether you grab a local dish at one of the restaurants listed or try something unique from the market, food says so much about a culture!
    4. Walk through one of the unique and very green parks that once were military forts!

    Last Minute Tips for Vegans in Zadar

    Croatia isn’t always the easiest country to be vegan in. Even if there are restaurants with options, here are some important things to keep in mind:

    • Most restaurants have a few vegetarian options on the menu .but some won’t be vegan
    • Pasta often contains egg, keep this in mind when ordering, depending on how strict you are in your diet while traveling.
    • If you’re staying at an Airbnb, grabbing groceries from the market or store is a great idea to save money and cook your own meals.
    • The majority of the cafes do NOT have non-dairy milk. Check above for a couple we found that always do!

    We hope you have a wonderful stay in Zadar! This cute little old town is a perfect stop on the Dalmatian coast while exploring the rest of Croatia.

    Let us know how your experience goes at any of the places we listed above OR send us a message with more ideas for vegans in this region! We’d love to hear from you.