How to Find the Best Vegan Food in Ljubljana

Searching for a vegan friendly city to travel to? Look no further. There are so many tasty options for a vegan in Ljubljana!

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    Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is located in the central region of the country and is just a few hours from major cities like Zagreb, Venice, and Graz. This European capital has something for everyone, from hikes to history, and most things are budget friendly! Check out our post for the top 10 things to do in Ljubljana here.

    No matter how you spend the rest of your visit in Ljubljana, one of the best things to do is grab a meal at one of the many amazing restaurants. If you’re vegan, or even just a foodie, you will definitely find some delicious meals in this city. You could easily spend a week here and eat somewhere different for every meal. Ljubljana is truly a vegan food paradise!

    It gets better: Not only is this city vegan friendly, but it’s also ECO-friendly. Ljubljana was given the title of European Green Capital in 2016 and holds awards based on sustainability and the environment. You can read more about this here but we wanted to share these facts too as it is super important to us!

    Traditional Slovenian Dishes

    Pictured: Bograc Stew and Potato Dumplings - Vegan Food

    Our #1 food recommendation for Ljubljana is Güjžina. Not only does this place serve a vegan version of many different traditional Slovenian dishes, they are also TASTY.

    As you probably know, traveling while vegan can often take away from the possibility of trying a region’s unique dishes. Güjžina makes this possible, focusing on traditional dishes of Slovenia and specifically the Prekmurje region.

    We were super lucky to have this place recommended to us by our guide from the free walking tour, and are so thankful she pointed this place out.

    We enjoyed our first meal atGüjžina so much, that in the few days we had in Ljubljana, we ate there 2 more times (this is the reason we didn’t make it to some other places listed below, but we couldn’t help ourselves!)

    From Güjžina, we tried a Slovenian stew called Bograc, potato dumplings (2 different ways), a millet turnip stew, and prekmurska gibanica (a dessert highly recommended by our tour guide)

    By far the best vegan meal we had in Ljubljana!

    Pictured: Outside entrance to a vegetarian restaurant in Ljubljana
    Pictured: Potato Dumplings on a plate, with mushroom dipping sauce and cream
    Pictured: Sam eating a traditional Slovenian dessert

    Vegan Food in Ljubljana

    There are a ton of other vegan choices in Ljubljana. As we said, vegan food paradise! This city has so many restaurants that are either 100% vegan/vegetarian or have a long list of vegan options on the menu. Here we have listed some other places we tried and others we are dying to try during our next visit.

    Pictured: Gyro wrap and cheese fries with sauce

    Bobu Bob

    A unique walk-up restaurant with large portions of plant based foods! They have covered outdoor seating and are close to Metelkova Art Center. We split the gyro and the cheese fries, after our 4 hour bus ride from Venice, and it was so satisfying.

    We were bummed we didn’t make it back to try more on their menu, the Sushi Sandwich Bowl looks so good and is definitely on our list.

    Pictured: Sandwich from Green One Restaurant. Vegan in Ljubljana

    Green One

    This restaurant serves salads, soups, and sandwiches, along with some other dishes. It can be found right next door to Güjžina. Güjžina actually serves their food too (so I think they are owned by the same people or at least partnered).

    We tried the GORENJSKA sandwich; it was HUGE and so delicious!

    Pictured: vegan sandwich and soup on table with white tablecloth in Ljubljana

    Barbaralla Juice Bar

    Self Service sandwiches, bowls + more. Barbarella Juice Bar offers a ton of premade options to purchase inside, as well as, smoothies, coffee, and yummy desserts (vegan Twix bar anyone?)

    While visiting we tried their creamy vegetable soup, the Caprese tofu sandwich, the Dimsy sandwich, and their banana bread. Everything was so tasty! We even bought sandwiches from them a second time to have on our bus to Bled.

    Pictured: Indoor dining of Fari's Fast Food. Two tables and a chair with faux plant decor. Vegan food in Ljlubljana.


    This small little fast food place has a vegan option for almost every non-vegan option available. We both ordered large wraps and could have definitely split one for the size.

    The falafel wrap was pretty good and the upstairs seating is so cute! It has a totally different vibe than the entrance when you first walk in. It even has a little swing for an Instagram photo-op!

    Gaudi & Naan – Great atmosphere with a weekly and seasonal menu. They have something for everyone here. Gaui & Naan has various vegan options with many different influences.

    Veganika – Fresh and delicious vegan meals. Based on the reviews we read, this place is great and definitely on our list for next time.

    Amaze Concept – Gourmet plant-based burgers, yum! They even sell the patties in the grocery store but you can get one of their gourmet burgers right near Central Market

    Gourmet Vegan – The menu here looks amazing and we are sad to have missed it! Check this place out for a yummy vegan dish in Ljubljana.

    Slovegija Ljubljana – Small restaurant in Ljubljana that is 100% vegan. They have a super friendly staff too (it seems like everyone in this city is friendly, one of the many reasons we love it!)

    The Loving Hut & The Loving Hut Express – A vegan buffet with many options. Fast food and friendly service!

    Abi Falafel – Beautiful interior and large, delicious portions. Abi Falafel’s menu has a long list of vegetarian options and many of these are vegan.

    Where to Find Vegan Coffee

    Pictured: Two cups of coffee with latte art

    Luckily, every place we went to had a nondairy option. It seems like the oat milk craze has hit Ljubljana because it was the most common option we found!

    You won’t have to worry about finding a vegan cappuccino at almost any cafe you visit here.

    Pictured are cappuccinos from Mariposa Specialty Coffee Roasters.

    Grocery Shopping as a Vegan in Ljubljana

    Pictured: Grocery section for plant based meats, cheeses, and other nondairy products on more than 5 shelves.

    Grocery shopping while traveling is often hard when the ingredients are listed in a language you can’t read. Google Translate can only do so much.

    Produce, pasta, and beans are common necessities and easy to find here. And, in Ljubljana, we noticed many vegan products have the word right on the label making them easy to spot.

    In Ljubljana, Spar and Hofer had everything we needed to make dinner in our hotel’s kitchenette. Along with produce, pasta, and nondairy milk, we found vegan meats, cheeses, and so much more!

    Grocery shopping and cooking in our kitchenette made it even easier to eat vegan in on a budget!

    We loved our visit to Ljubljana and were blown away by the amount of vegan food options to try! If you’re traveling through Europe, Ljubljana must be on your list as a foodie destination.

    If you have been to any of these places or have other recommendations we’d love to hear about them in the comments below. We hope we have helped our plant-based and foodie friends with this post.

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