10+ Easy Must-Try Foods for Vegan Camping

We have put together a list of our favorite easy vegan camping food to share with you. We have used these vegan camping meals over and over because they are simple, easy, but most importantly DELICIOUS!

Okay let’s be honest, being vegan seems to make everything a little more difficult. Searching for meals often leads you to websites with complicated recipes that just make it harder to plan and prep. But that doesn’t always have to be the case, especially when it comes to planning meals for your next camping trip!

Whether you are camping in one location for a weekend or just plopping your tent down for the night, these meals are great for any type of camping!

Pictured: Ty with coffee mug looking off to a river in the background at the camp site.

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Don’t Forget

Being in the great outdoors is our favorite way to spend time. While making food at your campsite, don’t forget these important reminders. Practice Leave No Trace Principles ALWAYS. Don’t leave food at the campsite, pack out everything you packed in. Don’t feed the wildlife!

These delicious foods are for you only, don’t let a squirrel or even a bear grab a bite. If camping in bear country, do not eat right near your campsite. Choose a different spot away from your tent to cook and eat your meal. Then, store all of the food and smelly items in a bear-safe container.

Easy + Tasty Vegan Camp Meals

Camp Breakfast Options for Vegans:

Whether you are waking up early to head out on a hike or spending a relaxing morning at your campsite we have some options for you. Also, some of these can be prepped ahead of time at home if you aren’t feeling up to it while camping.

Tofu scramble:

Prep ahead or at the campsite:

We don’t have a specific recipe but I’m sure you can find one to work with. Here is what we use:

-1 block of tofu

-Nutritional Yeast, Tumeric, and Pepper

-Veggies you love – we always dice up a bell pepper or 2, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and sometimes even black beans!

-Vegan Shredded Cheese

-Vegan Tortillas (if we want to make a burrito)

This breakfast is easier to make ahead and put in tupperware for camping. This way, you can reheat it in a skillet over a fire or on a camp stove!

Overnight oats

For mornings when we are on the go:

We don’t have a specific recipe but there’s a ton of overnight oat recipes online, like this one from The Conscientious Eater, to use for inspiration. In general, we use:

-1/2 cup oats

-1/2 nondairy milk

-Toppings/flavorings that you like, we love to use 1/2 scoop of vegan chocolate protein and 1 tablespoon of powdered peanut butter (give us all the Chocolate + Peanut Butter combos)

These make super easily prepped and packable breakfasts you can make ahead of time, then just add the milk the night before.

Pictured: vegan camping breakfast, boil in a bag omelet with mug of tea.

Chickpea Omelette

Recipe Source by The Hidden Veggies

We have used this recipe mostly over a camp stove and the boil in a bag method. However, in order to reduce single-use plastics and waste, we found that small mason jars work great too!

For our chickpea omelets, we have used a variety of veggies, black beans, and hot sauce to spice it up.

This recipe is filling, even if it may not look like it.

Super easy to pack these ingredients and make them at the campsite, no preparation required!

Easy Vegan Camp Lunches:

Chickpea Salad Sandwich or Stuffed Peppers

Whether you spread the mix on bread for a sandwich or scoop some into a halved sweet pepper, this healthy chickpea salad sandwich is super satisfying. We prep the salad at home beforehand so it’s ready whenever we need it.

Recipe Inspiration by Oh She Glows

We normally add some dried dill and chopped carrots to ours in place of bell pepper.

Having this prepped in a container for the camp trip makes for a refreshing lunch.

Cut some sweet peppers in half and scoop in some chickpea salad instead of using bread for an even healthier meal.

Pictured: vegan camp food idea, chickpea salad in sweet peppers on a plate with a fork and cucumbers with cream cheese on top.

Good Ole PB & J

This one doesn’t need much of an explanation but a super easy lunch to have at the campsite or pack for a day hike! Pack along some sliced bread, your favorite jelly, and tasty peanut butter for a quick and easy camp lunch.

Delicious Vegan Dinners at Camp:

Dinners by the campfire are always enjoyable. Most of these meals can be prepped before heading out or right at the campsite depending on your plans. Most involve chopping veggies and adding seasoning, so not too much work.

Pictured: vegan camp food, veggies and spices in foil in a bowl
Pictured: vegan camp food - fajitas at camp site with tent in the background
Pictured: vegan fajitas on a pan on a camp stove

Foil Veggies and Sausage

Recipe Inspiration by Chelsea’s Messy Apron

This original recipe is NOT vegan but it is super simple to adjust. Replace the sausage with Tofurkey or another alternative of your liking.

Add the veggies, sausage, spices, and some olive oil to a ziplock bag.

Wrap the ingredients in some foil and cook it over the fire or on a camp stove for about 20ish minutes and enjoy!!


A super simple meal to prep beforehand or cook at the site.

Chop up 2 bell peppers, 1/2 a sweet onion, and add in some protein like chickpeas, black beans, or some vegan chicken strips. Add fajita seasoning and throw it all into a ziplock bag to pack in the cooler

Fry up the veggies in a skillet over the fire or camp stove, scoop some onto a tortilla and add some toppings like vegan cheese, sour cream, or avocado!

Kidney Bean Burgers

Recipe Source by VegAnnie

What we love about this recipe is that it’s an easy vegan camp meal with ingredients that won’t go bad without a fridge or cooler.

Follow the recipe at the campsite or even make and bag them beforehand.

Easily cooked in foil over a fire or skillet on a camp stove!

Pictured: Vegan chili with fritos at a camp site on red dirt and a tent in the background

We are always trying to mix up our meals while camping and have enjoyed meals like these out in nature as well:

  • Hot Dogs (our favorites are Lightlife or Tofurkey Sausages)
  • Vegan Burgers like Beyond Meat or Gardein
  • Canned Chili, such as Annie’s or Hormel Chili. Make it a meal by cooking up a sweet potato and serving it with fritos crushed on top

Yummy Dessert:

S’MORES OF COURSE! What kind of camping trip would be complete without them?

Normal marshmallows have gelatin in them (which is not a vegan ingredient) so be sure to find a vegan alternative, such as Dandies, and a vegan chocolate bar.

Graham crackers often have honey in them but you can find some without, be sure to check the label.

Want to take your s’more to the next level? Add some peanut butter to the graham cracker!

Pictured: S'more with a fire in the background

Vegan Camping Snacks to Pack:

  • Sliced Cucumbers with (vegan) Cream Cheese, like tofutti, then sprinkle with Everything Seasoning. This snack is sweet and savory!
  • Snack bars like Lara Bars, Clif Bars, or Verb Energy Bars
  • Trail mix! A perfect snack you can buy premixed or make your own at home. We enjoy the tropical fruit mixes with pieces of dried mango and dried banana inside.
  • Granola, we love Bear Naked Granola but make sure to double check because not all flavors are vegan-friendly
  • Hummus and chopped veggies, like carrot or celery!

Have you tried any of the foods listed above? What are your favorite vegan camping foods to bring? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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