The Ultimate Vegan Guide to Big Bear, California

Vegan in Big Bear, California

You’re on your way to a small little mountain town packed with things to do, however, you are going to need fuel for a weekend away and we are here to help you with that. We’ve visited Big Bear at least 10 times and found it to be vegan friendly for a short trip AND the restaurants we are about to recommend happen to have things for your non-vegan friends too!

Although the options Big Bear offers for vegans are quite limited, there’s plenty for a weekend getaway. No matter the time of day, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Big Bear has some options we know you’ll enjoy.

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Pictured: Big Bear Lake at sunset

We’ve spent so much time in this beautiful place. Big Bear was a common weekend getaway and we enjoyed every trip. While visiting Big Bear, we ended up having 3 favorite places to get food from and were happy with the vegan options they offered. Even though there are not a ton of places with vegan options yet, we have the top recommendations for you!

Here are our Top 3 restaurants for Vegans in Big Bear, + some other recommendations to try:

Pictured: Iced coffee and a vegan blueberry scone on a table in Big Bear

Breakfast: The Copper Q

You can’t go wrong with their vegan Blueberry Scone and a latte with non-dairy milk. If you’re looking for something more, try the vegan veggie sandwich or whole chickpea salad.

The Copper Q has seating right outside to enjoy your meal and a cute little gift shop inside. It is located in Big Bear Lake Village, so you can grab your breakfast or a snack before hitting the shops!

Lunch: Tropicali

When in the mountains, why not get a taste of an island getaway with this Hawaiian restaurant? Although the restaurant only has one vegan option, the Malibu Bowl is worth the trip.

The theme and ambiance of this restaurant are so much fun. The workers are definitely into it!

Tropicali is just outside Big Bear Lake Village near a couple of the larger hotels. There is indoor and outdoor seating.

Vegan in Big Bear, Tropicali
Pictured: Vegan indian cuisine in Big Bear including Naan, rice, and a meal

Dinner: Himalayan Restaurant

Would we drive 1.5 hours up a mountain for Indian food? YES…because we did. Himalayan Restaurant has delicious Indian and Nepalese cuisine and many options for vegans and vegetarians. If you’re in Big Bear, this restaurant is a must try for vegans and non-vegans alike.

15 items specific for vegetarians and over half of them are vegan friendly. Do yourself a favor, and order a vegetable thali and some naan for an amazing meal after a long day of adventure!

Himalayan Restaurant is located on the main street of Big Bear Lake Village.

Other Recommendations:

On top of the delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options we listed above, there are a few more to try out while spending some time in Big Bear.

Pictured: An iced coffee, a pink donut, and a chocolate donut on a picnic table

Check out Dank Donuts for a couple of different vegan donuts (and coffee of course)!

We heard a lot of other people hype them up before we went, so we had to go! They have a lot more options that aren’t vegan friendly but we were excited to have at least have 2 donut choices for us! Who can pass up a vegan donut?

In the mood to try out some craft beers? Check out Big Bear Lake Brewing Company. Although their menu is limited to salads and a portobello burger it is still a nice place to go with great service!

We loved the vibe of this restaurant and the beers with delicious too! Grab a bite to eat here after a long day of exploring the outdoors.

Pictured: Flight of beers from Big Bear Lake Brewing Co.

Amangela’s Sandwich & Bagel House – Counter service for breakfast and lunch. Amangela’s offers on the menu sandwiches or you can build your own, as well as, fresh smoothies. They even have a veggie sausage option. What’s breakfast without coffee? They also offer a soy and almond milk option!

Peppercorn Grille – for a pricier night out, we heard Peppercorn Grille has added a couple of vegan options to their menu.

Cafe Crepes – Crepes with sweet and savory options (sadly this place was under construction or after hours each time we visited!). If it’s open during your visit, please try them out for us!

Pictured: Big Bear Lake from a hike as one thing to do in Big Bear

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