Tips for Traveling in 2022

Traveling in 2022 will look different than it ever did before. From changing restrictions to changing conditions, the world is a different place and we need to prepare for that before leaving home. Traveling during these times have reshaped a lot when it comes to planning. We’ve been traveling internationally for 4 months now and have been to two different continents. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our tips for traveling in 2022.

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Who’s Ready to Travel?

We’ve all been dreaming of travel the past few years, locked at home, waiting for the day to reach a new destination. Whether you’ve spent your time planning a long-term trip or are just hoping to get away for 1 to 2 weeks, we’re here to share some tips for traveling in 2022. 

Although most of this focus is on tips for international travel in 2022, if you are a US resident, these tips for traveling during covid can also apply to traveling to a different state this year. 

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    8 Tips for Traveling in 2022

    Travel Tip 1: You have to plan (at least to get there).

    It’s not as easy as buying a ticket and arriving.

    Most destinations require proof of vaccination or negative tests, this means scheduling a test before your flight and ensuring that the time between test, results, and takeoff all works out. Most countries allow for the test to be taken 72 hours before arrival OR departure (make sure to read the fine print). And now, it is common to get test results within 24 hours if not 48.

    Each country has its own restrictions and regulations. It is SO important that get your information from a reliable source (government websites) to have current and up-to-date information.

    Example: Thailand’s rules have changed so much in the past 3 months. Someone arriving on January 6th could have different rules for someone arriving on January 26th. Because of this, it is super important not to rely on Facebook groups or even most news articles. Use government sites and reliable tools like the ones we list below.

    Travel Tip 2: Travel Insurance is IMPORTANT

    Travel insurance for your expenses and yourself. Getting insurance on your flights, car rentals, or hotel bookings is important because restrictions are constantly changing. We had flights booked to morocco for December of 2021 and then the country’s borders closed and we were out that flight money. Learn from us and get the insurance! 

    Getting travel medical insurance is also important for yourself. Although none of us plan to get the big C, it can happen. And this means more tests, longer hotel stays, and hopefully not but possibly medical treatment. On top of this, accidents happen and other illnesses are still out there. Many people forget that there are other things out there now and you want to protect yourself in case of any injury or illness. 

    Travel Tip 3: Make a Backup Plan

    Or 2 or 5. 

    Traveling in 2022 comes with a bit more stress than regular travel planning. With changing restrictions and conditions of other places comes an adjustment to your plans. 

    For example, not only did our flight to Morocco get canceled but our trip to Thailand also had to be pushed back due to restriction changes. Our bags were basically packed and we didn’t even know where we were going weeks before leaving.

    If you are planning an international or far-from-home trip this year, make a backup plan in a different destination. Want to head to the coast? Maybe also look into 2 different states. If you are looking to head to SE Asia, check surrounding countries to your original planned destination.

    Having a backup plan will help save some panic stress when things change last minute. 

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    Travel Tip 4: Learn to be Spontaneous 

    Wait…didn’t we just say you have to plan? Yes. Have a plan to get somewhere, but then be more flexible on arrival.

    This is something that has been HUGE for me (Sam) traveling the past few months. Learning to change our plans up, our schedule, our destinations. 2020 and before me would be having an anxiety attack left and right. But over the past few months, I have been really working on this, so I advise you to start working on it now too!

    Now, I don’t mean spontaneous as in closing your eyes and choosing a destination on the map, I did say you need to have a plan to get where you’re going. But once you get there, be flexible because some businesses are still closed or short-staffed. Everything you dreamed of doing might not be possible at the time you plan to go. But often, this change of plans will lead to something even more exciting!

    Travel Tip 5: Travel Slower

    What does this mean? Traveling slower means experiencing 1-2 destinations more in-depth, instead of checking off as many places on a list.

    This tip is one that we have come to love in the last few months. We originally only planned for 2 weeks in Sri Lanka and have already extended our visa to stay a 2nd month at least!

    Traveling slower doesn’t sound appealing to those who love to city hop and check off places from a list. However, some of the most amazing experiences come from slower travel. By traveling slow, you will get to appreciate the places you visit more, learn about the people, the culture, and life there. You can enjoy downtime and won’t wear yourself out trying to keep up with a jam-packed itinerary.

    It can also be more socially responsible in the current global situation!

    Travel Tip 6: Travel Differently – Road Trip Anyone?

    Maybe you’re used to getting on a plane and using Uber to get around your new destination. Or maybe, you love group tours and always plan trips this way. This might be the year to change up your way of travel.

    Road trips are amazing ways to experience places in a new light. Whether you take your car from home and head out on the road or rent a car in a new country, having your own vehicle is an exciting way to explore. You have the freedom to get around wherever you want to and can interact with large groups of people less.

    Side Note: We love interacting with people but when we were stuck on a 5-hour bus ride next to someone coughing the whole time, we were wishing we had our own car to go!

    The past couple of years, road trips have been on the rise again and we LOVE this. We have taken so many road trips and camped in or right outside our car. Read this post to help you find free campsites near some exciting destinations!

    take a road trip in 2022

    Travel Tip 7: Brace Yourself + Mindset

    Maybe you’re reading this and thinking “Wow all of this sounds fine” “I’m a go-with-the-flow person so I’ll be fine”. If so, that’s so wonderful! Ty’s that way too and is fine with handling changes.

    If you’re more like me, you’ll really need to work on checking your mindset and mental state through all the change and constant flow of information. As a “Type A” planner who spent 1.5 years planning an in-depth backpacking trip through SE Asia and ended up in Croatia instead, I have learned a lesson or two about shifting my mindset.

    Traveling will always have its challenges, nothing will work out exactly as you planned (no matter how much you planned). This year, there are just more obvious impacts on that little fact. Keep this in mind and try to remember them as shifts in your plans arrive.

    Remind yourself why you want this, what excites you about this new journey, and if a big trip is too much, rethink how you can take smaller steps in travel this year!

    Travel Tip 8: Plan Outdoor Activities

    Keeping yourself and others safe is important while traveling in 2022, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your trip. Plan for more outdoor adventures like hiking, birdwatching, camping, etc. These activities will lower the risk of spreading anything, but it’s also such an amazing way to experience new places.

    Plan a trip to Joshua Tree and hike some of these incredible hikes. If you’re heading to Europe, it’s not all old towns and food, there are some amazing places like Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. There’s a whole world to see out there, without even seeing many people!

    We know not everyone would consider themselves “outdoorsy” and that’s okay! You can still find plenty of exciting activities (while you happen to be outside) in the city too. Find an online city scavenger hunt or go for a walk and admire the street art.

    getting outside while traveling

    Traveling Responsibility

    As nationwide or international travelers, we are responsible for our actions and impact on the new environments we go to.

    When we first left home, we had some guilt mixed in with our excitement to travel because we didn’t want to be risking our health or anyone else’s. To ensure we were doing our part, we read up a lot on responsible travel.

    So how does one travel responsibly? Well, as we said, travel is different now. And just like your local town or country has restrictions, so does every new place you’ll visit. If you plan to head to a new place, PLEASE follow the regulations set in place, whether you agree with them or not.

    Yes, you might have to wear a mask inside and out. If a sign says only X amount of people allowed in at a time, respect this. The regulations are not there to make your life more difficult (even if they do) and most often, the people you encounter are not the ones who set them.

    Be responsible for your health and others, and be respectful to the people and regulations of each new place you visit.

    The current global health situation isn’t the only important factor in responsible travel. Read more about conscious and responsible travel here, Center for Responsible Travel

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    Tips for Responsible Travel in 2022

    1. Wear your mask and pack extra! Reusable masks are great for travel because you can throw them in the wash when you get your laundry done and then have a set of fresh ones.

    2. Self-monitor your symptoms and notify people you’ve been around if you are experiencing symptoms. You may even want to buy a couple of at-home rapid tests to keep in your suitcase for emergencies.

    3. Spend time outside! Escape the crowds and find excitement exploring nature, walking trails, or even laying on the beach. These are all activities you can do as an individual or at least away from others to stay safe.

    Tips for traveling during covid

    Helpful Online Tools Traveling in 2022

    Traveling in 2022 will be quite an adventure. We hope these tips give you some good starting points when thinking about planning your next trip. We’d love to hear where you are planning to go this year in the comments!