10 Things You Can’t Miss in Ljubljana, Slovenia

During our visit to Ljubljana, we did so much in just 3 days. If you are heading to this capital, here are our top 10 must do things in Ljubljana!

Why should you visit Ljubljana?

Ljubljana, the beautiful capital of Slovenia, is located in the middle of the country. It is home to various styles of architecture, a pedestrian only center, and some of the yummiest foods.

The city was given the title of Green Capital of Europe in 2016 and has won other awards focused on being environmentally friendly. Along with being green for the environment, Ljubljana is also a “green city” because of its plentiful trees and parks.

Ljubljana is a unique city and one could easily spend their time solely wandering the streets and admiring buildings. However, it is filled with things to do that are budget friendly for those watching their spending (like us!). If you are looking for the best things to see and do check out our list below:

Pictured: Large Pink Church in Ljubljana

1: Free Tour

Taking free walking tours is our favorite way to introduce ourselves to a city. This one offered in Ljubljana provides a detailed history of the city, what it’s like present-day, and any recommendations you could need!

The tour will also give you a good understanding of where things are located so you can continue your exploration on your own!

This company also offers another free tour that focuses on the Old Town and the Castle. We did both while visiting Ljubljana and they were super interesting!

Cost: Based on tips, recommend to tip around 10 euros or more!

2: See the bridges

Across the river that runs through Ljubljana, Ljubljanica, are many unique bridges to see! Some of our favorites include the Dragon Bridge, Triple Bridge, and Butcher’s Budge.

You will learn about the history of some of these bridges on the free walking tour mentioned above.

Cost: Free!

Pictured: Dragon statue from Dragon Bridge

Pictured: Sam and Ty taking a selfie with the castle of Ljubljana and the city in the background

3: Rooftop views of the city

Head to Nebotičnik, a special skyscraper in the city, for a 360-degree view of Ljubljana. Not only are the views amazing, but you can sit and enjoy them with a coffee or a drink.

When you enter the building, take the elevator up to the 12th floor. Don’t worry, when you get off the elevator you will enter the bar first, but it is FREE to walk outside to enjoy the view!

Cost: Free

4: Metelkova Art Center

Unique, quirky, and interesting are 3 words to describe this spot in Ljubljana. A newcomer may feel that it has a sketchy vibe but don’t worry, it’s completely safe. Walk around, take photos, and look at all the intricate details of the murals and mosaics here.

If you’re always looking for the best Instagram spots, Metelkova is full of them! In the summer evenings, you can find events here too. Check Facebook or ask your hostel for more information!

Cost: Free

Pictured: Colorful mosaic of different shapes and designs on a building around 5 windows.
Pictured: Mural of sea life in green and blue on a building in Metelkova Arta Center

Pictured: Potato Dumplings on a plate, with mushroom dipping sauce and cream

5: Eat!

The food in Ljubljana was absolutely delicious! Specifically, the vegan food, for us. However, there are so many different restaurants in this city to try from traditional Slovenian dishes to gourmet burgers.

If you are in need of some recommendations, like where to get the dish pictured left, click here

Cost: Depends on where you eat!

6: Central Market

The Central Market is a large outdoor market open every day except Sunday and is worth the trip, even if you aren’t buying anything. There

are so many stands full of fresh produce, cheese, and homemade goods. There are also food trucks set up nearby to grab a snack or a meal!

Cost: Free to walk around

Pictured: Produce in wooden and plastics crates in Central Market, a must do in Ljubljana.

7: Rent a Bike for ONE EURO

While walking around you may notice a ton of bike riders in the city. Well, you can join them even if you’re only visiting for a few days and it will be super cheap! Ljubljana

has a great program, BicikeLJ, that allows you to get a weekly subscription for 1 euro for unlimited bike rides! (1 hr rides whenever you want as long as there are 5 minutes between each hour). There are bike stations all around the city so you can take a bike from point A and return it at point B wherever you plan to go!

More information on this here

Cost: 1 euro/week

8: Tivoli Park

Pictured: Green grass surrounded by trees with city and hills in the background

Tivoli Park is a large park on the outskirts of the pedestrian area of Ljubljana. It is a huge, beautiful park with so much to enjoy. Walk around or have a picnic here, with sandwiches from Barbarella Juice Bar, on a nice sunny day! Or, rent a bike and explore the large park that way.

Cost: Free

Pictured: Pink Church at the end of the pathway with blue skies in the background

9: Hike up Rožnik Hill

There are a few different ways to reach the top of Rožnik Hill, including a winding paved path and a steep dirt trail. We went up the trail and down the paved path.

Whatever way you take, once you’re at the top you can enjoy a sweet little pink church called the Church of Virgin Mary’s Visitation, views of the surrounding area, and even a restaurant!

Cost: Free

10: Visit the Castle

After taking in the views of the castle from the skyscraper listed above, you’ll want to walk through the Old Town and up the path to the castle. Visiting most of this medieval fortress is FREE, however, some parts require a ticket.

There’s also an audio guide you can purchase to learn more about the history of the castle. We took the free tour mentioned above and learned some of the histories this way and highly recommend it!

Cost: Free for majority of visit

Pictured: Entrance to the castle in Ljubljana. There is a walking path up to an arch way and windows lining the wall of it. Must do in Ljubljana

Wrap Up: Things to do in Ljubljana

In addition to all these MUST DOS in Ljubljana, our last suggestion is to simply wander around, especially through the Old Town.We absolutely loved our visit to Ljubljana! The streets have such interesting architecture and some are even colorful like this one:

Pictured: Sam and Ty standing in a colorful alley of Ljubljana in front of buildings

In need of some food recommendations? Check here to find out where to find the best vegan meals in Ljubljana.

Have you been to Ljubljana or are you planning a trip there soon? We’d love to hear about your must dos for this city too!