Welcome to our blog!

We are Ty and Sam, high school sweethearts and nature lovers. Over the past few years, we have been exploring the United States, planning our international trip, and hunting for delicious vegan eats!

We met living in Michigan and together we have lived in Georgia and California.While living in Georgia and California, we explored the regions extensively. We took numerous day trips and found some amazing hikes.

Now, we are traveling abroad, fulfilling our dreams! While traveling, we are focused on budget travel, spending time outdoors, and finding delicious vegan foods. Our goal is to immerse ourselves in every experience we can and truly learn about the people and places we visit.

We are using this blog to share our experiences and any advice we can give, as well as, share our international travels with friends, family, and you!

Even though we aren’t travel experts, we love sharing our favorite places, tips, and travel ideas!

We hope in doing this, we can inspire you to follow your travel dreams and help you do it!

Thank you for stopping by! We’d love to hear from you!