Hello There!

We are Ty and Sam, welcome to our blog And There They Went. We are nature lovers, vegan foodies, and passionate about sustainability, hiking, and slow travel.

Over the past few years, we have been exploring the United States and on a long-term travel adventure through parts of Europe and Asia.

Now, we’ve started a new adventure back in California with full time RV life! We are so excited to be back exploring the desert.

In the US, we have lived in many states together and explored the surrounding regions. We love to share our expertise on places like Joshua Tree, Big South Fork, and more. Most recently, we lived in Southern California and spent all of our free time hiking in the desert, taking weekend camping trips, and exploring as many state and national parks as we could (we’re up to 21 now!).

Between 2016-2021 we built our savings with plans to set off on an international trip. We sold most of our belongings and set off in the fall of 2021 to travel without a specific end date in mind. We prefer SLOW travel and getting to know the places we visit well. We have spent over a month in many cities and countries like our long-term stays in Croatia and our slow journey through Sri Lanka.

You can read more about the destinations we’ve traveled to here.

Our History

Ty grew up a military child, living all over the United States. As a kid, he didn’t realize how cool it was to see so much of the country growing up. Now, he recognizes that part of this is why his passion for travel is such a big part of him and why he’s not ready to settle in one place just yet!

Sam grew up going on family vacations to Florida and taking road trips with her mom and sibling every year. There was always a passion for a new adventure and this grew exponentially after her first trip to Europe and then to Alaska after high school. After that, the travel dreams and plans never stopped!

Our Travel Blog

Together, we have always been planning day trips or weekend trips from where we lived. We’d share pictures on social media and hear from others how they’d love to know more details: How do we find these places? How do we budget for it? What do we pack and plan? After a while, we realized a travel blog would be the perfect place to share it all since we were sharing it with family and friends already!

Now, we just got back from 8 months of traveling around SE Asia. While traveling, we were focused on budget travel, spending time outdoors, and finding delicious vegan foods. We prefer slow travel because our goal is to immerse ourselves in every experience we can and truly learn about the people and places we visit. This also gives us time to gain expertise and share high-quality travel tips with you!

We hope in doing this, we can inspire you to follow your travel dreams and provide you with the tips, tricks, and information you need to do it.

Thank you for stopping by! We’d love to hear from you!